This Job Is Sucking the Life Out Of Me


Have you ever had a morning where you got up for work and just did not want to even hit the shower? Does the thought of going into the office weigh so heavily on you that you can barely breathe? Are your thoughts so focused on how you are going to get through the day that you are not aware of what is going on around you? So ask yourself, are you getting energy from this job or are you losing it?

Whether you are in a career, senior leadership, entrepreneur or large business owner, you may experience one or many of these mornings. The question is; are you feeling this way almost every day or from time to time? If the answer is most of the time, then you are literally letting the job suck the life out of you.  You are giving up valuable energy just to push yourself through when every cell of your body is telling you to stop!

Every day, no matter who you are, will not be nirvana. However, even on the worst of days, when everything just is going wrong, if your energy is up, your mind clear and your focus direct you will still be energized by your job. When you are energized by your job, when asked how it is going, you would not hesitate to say you love what you do and who you are doing it for.

Some of my favorite experiences in the corporate world were those that were solving problems. With the right support from the organization and confidence from leadership I was able to turn any situation around to a positive outcome for the individuals, the business and the customer. I was able to affect the bottom line in an amazingly significant way. What a fabulous feeling to make a difference in the day.

On the other hand, some of my least favorite experiences in the corporate world were those that were solving problems.  With no support from the organization, distrust and insecurity from leadership I was unable to turn any situation around and the individuals, the business and the customer all suffered, as well as me. What a terrible feeling it is to know you have no impact and can make no change to better the organization.

What might be the perfect situation for you may not be perfect for me. While some of us thrive as entrepreneurs, others prefer to work with a group within an organization and focus on their specialty. Some define their success as financial achievement while others define it as balance with family and work. We are all different and have different drivers at any given point in time.

Although we intellectually agree that we are all individuals and have different definitions of success, today’s business environment has become relentless. With teleconferencing, smart phones and wireless internet access we are now driving ourselves into the ground, if not the grave, like never before. We skip lunch hours, forget to take a walk around and stretch, we attend back to back meetings and then work evenings and weekends to “catch up.” We work until we are exhausted and believe this is proof that we are indispensable. Why are we then surprised when we get burnt out and start hating to hit the shower in the morning?  Are we really more productive or are we just filling time with more busy work?

If I look back at the times I was most productive and had the greatest impact on the bottom line and on improving processes it was when I loved getting up and getting to work. It was when I had the flexibility to do it my way and the support to move forward. It was when I collaborated with senior leadership and formulated strategy toward success. It was when I involved the team in identifying the mountain to be moved and brainstormed on how we get to the other side.

So I ask you, are you excited about what you are doing? Are you energized about the business you are in? Do you believe that you or your organization brings value and do you play an important role with what you do every day? Are you energized each morning or is your energy getting drained day in and day out? If you own a business, is this something you can’t stop talking about or is it painful to work at making this a success? What can you do to make a change?

What is your definition of success and what do you need to do to achieve it? Let’s chat, contact me at


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